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Lorm-term Cooperation Decided
On 23rd April, in the north of Brazil, the german project partners HWK, öko-domo and AgroScience as well as the brazilian educational institution, SENAI, have concluded a long-term partnership.
Within the scope of an official event and cooperation forum, which was attended by Eveline Lemke, minister of economic affairs of Rhineland Palatinate, and Joachim Mertes, President of the state parliament Rhineland Palatinate, the Memorandum of Understanding was officially signed.
The objective of the project “EnBaSa”, short for “Energy efficient Building and Renovation”, is to improve the know-how about energy efficient buildings in the brazilian construction sector. Together we want to impart knowledge to trainees in this sector in the range of energy efficiency measures. The organization of the education export is accompanied by the “Karlsruhe Service Research Institute”. Our aim is to integrate complete training courses in the existing training program at SENAI within the next two years and establish a long-term extensive training. AgroScience will provide their abroad long-time experience, especially in Brazil, and their network of contacts. Therefore, the project management is in their responsibility.
Signature Amaro (President of the regional council - SENAI)
Signature Prof. Dr. Kubiak (CEO RLP AgroScience)
Signature Joachim Mertes, President of the State Parliament Rhineland Palatinate

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