36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment

Observing the Earth, Monitoring the Change, Sharing the Knowledge
Between May 11th and 15th the 36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE), a worldwide conference on remote rensing was hold in Berlin. Below the "Berliner Fernsehturm" in the Congress Center at Alexanderplatz.
More than 800 members from research and science discussed new developments und possibilites of earth obervation in the context of environmental organisation and resource management. This year "Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)" (German Center for Air and Space" and placed a special focus on the "Copernicus-Program" of "ESA" (European Space Agency) and the launch of the first SENTINEL-satelliten-mission.
The "Environmental Systems"-Department was present with multiple project partners and held 3 scientific talks about gaining data from aerial and satellite images.
"New Methods in Acquisition, Update and Dissemination of Nature Conservation Geodata - Implementation of an Integrated Framework"
"Semantic-based, multi-source classification of Nature Conservation areas in Rhineland-Palatinate using conceptual modeling in combination with data mining methodologies."
"Determining use intensities of semi-natural grasslands from high-resolution intra-annual satellite time series."

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