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Today's plant protection measures have a great potential for improvement in both the active ingredient and the technical area.

Copper-based preparations are frequently applied in organic farming to control fungal diseases, for instance. To prevent the accumulation of the heavy metal copper in soils, the EU is keen to enforce a ban on these plant protection products (PPPs) in the years to come. We are investigating the possibility to produce an alternative plant protection product from residues from the production of wine. Both in vitro and greenhouse/field experiments are carried out to ensure the effectiveness of such alternatives. A plant protection product that can be used in both organic and conventional farming would mean that preparations containing copper would no longer be necessary in future.
In the conventional application of PPPs, a certain proportion always ends up in neighbouring environmental compartments. This can be associated with an unnecessarily high rate of consumption and the contamination of non-target organisms. For these reasons, it is impossible or extremely difficult to carry out conventional plant protection measures in developed areas (residential areas, schools, play areas, parks). We have developed direct application methods in the vessels of trees to help control diseases and pests in fruit-growing and urban trees in an environmentally neutral manner.

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