Residue & Resource Management

The principle of sustainability will continue to be a defining key concept of economic practice in future.

We help implement innovative research approaches and new technologies in modern sequences of operations by providing advice and cooperating with farms. To this end, we can conduct research into alternative energy sources, from the initial laboratory scale to the pilot plant station scale.
A number of advantages can be gained from applied materials flow management:
  • reduction of environmental impact through the use of new technologies
  • use of own raw material potential to increase energy efficiency
  • reduction of costs or increase in profit through intelligent use of resources
Our aim is to investigate material flows and the resulting optimised intelligent use of materials, energy flows and substances used and produced within an agricultural establishment.
Based on political and economic objectives, our central task is to develop new methods for the use of biomass as a regenerative energy source in research and study projects, right through to the point of their practical application. The focus here lies on anaerobic fermentation or biogas production from solid and fluid residues, as well as the thermal use of solid production waste.

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