Material flow analysis

In future, the principle of sustainability will become a key concept of economic practice.
In addition to the usual, traditional model of economic progress and growth, there is a trend towards ecological and, at the same time, socially oriented economic production. In mainly small and medium-sized farms there is need for a rethink and a continuous adjustment of production processes with regard to a sustainable improvement of the environmental situation. This important step should be implemented in the near feature, particularly due to rapidly changing environmental legislation, rising environmental costs and a heightened environmental awareness of consumers.

From Waste to Value

With the instrument of material flow analysis, we help implement innovative research approaches and new technologies in modern sequences of operations by providing advice and cooperating with farms. Various advantages can be gained by applying materials flow management:
  • reduction of environmental impacts through the use of new technologies
  • use of own raw material potential to increase energy efficiency
  • reduction of costs or greater profit through intelligent use of resources
The changes may be related to labour organisation or may take into account innovative technologies and methods in the production process.
In the case of the wine industry, for instance, materials and energy are entered into the process, but accumulate as "waste" during production. We pay special attention to the factors water, air and energy, which are currently used relatively generously. In addition, there are no suitable utilisation strategies at present within the meaning of closed-loop recycling management for the energetically high-quality residues that accumulate during the production phase. Our aim is to analyse material flows and the resulting optimised intelligent use of materials, energy flows and substances used and produced within an agricultural establishment. Economic profit can therefore be linked to regional added value and environmental protection.

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