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Plant protection products are an indispensable part of viticulture. In some cases, however, the use of these agrichemicals is problematic.
Emissions of plant protection products into surface waters or adjacent ecosystems can pollute the environment. The application of these substances in locations that are steep or extremely steep is very time-consuming and labour-intensive. Due to losses that occur during application, greater amounts of substances are applied than are actually required. The use of many agents has already been banned, due to the undesirable effects they have on the environment. A stem application system that can be used for many years could be a solution to these problems.
Which is why we have been working on an innovative solution to this problem for a long time. Water is pumped into the individual inlet pipes on the grapevines via a permanent, specially developed access. Plant protection products enter the inlet pipes via a dosage system. Using the prototypes, it was possible to achieve adequate protective effect against downy mildew on both leaves and grapes.
This method of stem application prevents all kinds of emissions into the environment. For this reason, its use would be primarily suitable for areas in the vicinity of bodies of water and in the areas on the outskirts of towns. Thanks to the central application of the plant protection products and the long-range transport of the active ingredient dosages, such a system could also make work easier in steep areas. In addition, use of substances banned due to the undesirable effects they have on the environment could also be contemplated.
Use of chemical pest management in urban spaces is associated with difficulties and risks. Plant protection products can be expected to enter adjacent areas particularly when controlling pests in the crowns of trees lining streets. The use of stem application can minimise or prevent such inputs. To this end, we have developed a transportable, easy-to-use device. The plant protection product is pressed into the previously drilled trunk via a pressure piston. From there, it is distributed throughout the plant by way of the tree's water and nutrient vessels.
Stem application for treating urban trees in general and trees lining streets in particular is still in the research phase. We offer our co-operation in all areas where stem application offers the chance to preserve urban trees and trees lining streets or to prevent their premature removal or to check massive infestation by pest organisms.

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