According to the will of legislators, residues of plant protection products in crops should be as low as possible while maintaining proper use. On the other hand, they may not exceed levels that could put people’s health at risk. We are able to conduct 14C plant degradation/metabolism and confined rotational crop studies both in the field and in the greenhouse. Besides arable crops (cereals, lettuce, potatoes, etc.) field-grown grapevines and fruit trees can also be used.
The residue concentration of active ingredients and metabolites can be quantified at different dates following conventional application. State-of-the-art analysis equipment (e.g. LC-MS/MS coupling) is available to identify the meta­bolites.
We perform fate and exposure studies under good laboratory practice based on the relevant guidelines, as well as modelling for authorisations in accordance with EU Directive 91/414/EEC and national legislation. The development and application of higher tier test systems also forms a focal area of our research activity. Risk assessment on the basis of conservative baseline studies can therefore be expanded by a more realistic component.

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