Surface Waters

Due to spray drift, run-off and erosion, active ingredients can even enter surface waters when plant protection products are used properly. As a baseline study on degradation and metabo­lism in water/sediment systems, laboratory studies are carried out in accordance with OECD 308. In higher tier test systems, we additionally implement the influence of sunlight and tem­perature fluctuations to shed light on degradation and transformation processes in water/sediment systems..
To gain a realistic picture of the ex­posure situation, water monitoring programmes are included in our range of services. Geographic Information Systems assist in the identification water bodies potentially endangered by exposure and in taking targeted water and sediment samples. Chemical/analytical monitoring is supplemented by a quantitative and qualitative description of aquatic communities to facilitate the evaluation of interrelations between exposure and effect.
We perform fate and exposure studies under good laboratory practice based on the relevant guidelines, as well as modelling for authorisations in accordance with EU Directive 91/414/EEC and national legislation. The development and application of higher tier test systems also forms a focal area of our research activity. Risk assessment on the basis of conservative baseline studies can therefore be expanded by a more realistic component.

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